How does it work?

Step 1


Choose your Swag from our curated range of high-quality products

(If you’re building a swag pack, don't forget to select a packaging option)

Step 2


Once you’ve chosen your Swag, submit your order with your logo files and one of our designers will come back to you in a few hours with a mockup of your branding on the products (Allow up to 24 hours)

(Note: By submitting your order, you’re NOT making a payment, we will only finalise the order once you’re happy with the mockups on your cool new swag.

Step 3


Let us know when and where you need your Swag and we will ship it out pronto, alternatively let us take care of the heavy lifting with our fulfilment and storage options.

Please Note:

  • Prices include one colour branding and all setup fee’s, so there are no hidden surprises
    (For logo’s where multiple colours are required an additional $1 per item per colour applies)
  • Lead time for Swag range from 2 - 4 weeks
    (After a quicker turnaround? Let us know and we will always work our magic where we can)
  • Volume Based discounts? Sure can, you will find a discount table in the product item
  • Minimum orders start from 25 for most of our products and vary, minimums vary and are noted on each product.